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Bridal Trial FAQ

  • A Makeup Run-through, or “Trial” is our opportunity to get to know your style, and decide on your look before the wedding.
  • After deciding on the direction you want with your makeup, your makeup artist will apply your makeup exactly the way it will look the day of the wedding, so you know what to exactly what to expect.
  • Trials are performed at our Fishers Studio location, Monday –Thursday. We are booked with weddings on weekends, and can be difficult to book time for trials.
  • Trials will last about 60-90 minutes. Should they go over 2 hours, additional fees may apply.
  • If you decide to schedule a trial before booking your wedding, please be aware that a trial does NOT secure your wedding date. Only a deposit/retainer and signed contract will guarantee your artist and your date.
  • Our studio is small, so please feel free to bring up to 1 guest with you. Please, no children, our studio is adults only.


Making the most out of your makeup trial

DO come in WITH makeup on. Seeing what amount and style of makeup you are already comfortable with helps your artist tremendously. We have makeup remover at the studio to start your trial fresh once you arrive.

DO have ideas of makeup styles that you like. You don’t need to know exactly what shades of makeup or find an exact style to copy, but having a general idea is helpful. Feel free to share your Pinterest board with us!

DO speak up! The purpose of a trial is to make sure you LOVE your makeup on your wedding day. If there is something you want different or changed please let us know. If you tell your makeup artist “You’re the professional, do whatever” but you are really thinking “I love soft and natural”, we’d rather know! It doesn’t hurt our feelings.


DON'T get waxed the day of. Have eyebrows groomed a couple days before, as this area can be sensitive and red. One or two stray hairs is no big deal, but bushy brows can change an entire look.

DON'T get spray tanned the day of your appointment. 1-2 days before looks the most natural.

DON'T be afraid of hurting our feelings. We want your makeup to be perfect for you! We expect you to picky (which is why you picked us!). This is your face, and we want every detail to be perfect!!

We love this article with additional do’s and don’ts:

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